Disclaimer Notice:  This website does not condone actual real slavery.  Human trafficing is illegal and wrong. This website is not about real slavery.  It is about a chosen lifestyle that some people live by choice that they could end at any time.  They enjoy the lifestyle and choose freely when they wish to live the lifestyle and no one forces them in any way to stay in it. This site is a fantasy site. That means not all of it's real. Please do not take it too seriously. It is a personal, not for profit, website made just for fun.

Message to Slave Bind from an Academy Award winning Screenwriter 

"You're the "object" prisoner who the others see acted upon and know it will happen to them. And at once fear and long for what they see happen to you. You're the surviving prisoner who helps them get off by talking to them, listening to them, helping them explore deeper than they thought they could. You're the prisoner who gets his restraints and his punishment upped for others to see. In other words, you're the Judas Goat who leads them to the slaughter but are, yourself, endlessly spared, rather like being endlessly edged but you never quite get fulfilled. That's your permanent torture. You get all the heavy duty bondage, you get the heavy duty punishment but, at the same time, it ups your expectations. You know what you want but, ultimately, you cannot have it done. In your mind the ultimate in being bound and restrained leads to your slow realization that there is finally no way out, you'll never be released, you're caught and death is the final bondage. And you come to want that, you're put on suicide watch, finally you need to be so restrained that all you are is a gimp who can only piss, eat and breath. Your mind is going, all you know is that without your close confinement, you would not exist."



Slave Name:  Bind       Slave Number:  6295

Condition of Property:  This middle aged slave is in very good health. It has good teeth, never had broken bones, is very flexible and has good stamina.

Training:  This slave is trained as a “convict prisoner slave”.  He was originally trained to be a restrained prisoner for the entertainment of owners.  He was subsequently trained for domestic duties as well.

Features of this Property:  This slave thrives in captivity.  It does well in extreme bondage situations and has a lot of endurance.  For those who like to keep a prisoner heavily bound and caged, this slave is perfect.   It responds well to heavy captivity and this is a tool of control that will go far in getting this slave to be responsive to you.  This slave tends to be willful at times and sometimes is not focused.  It will respond well to clear, simple, and strict commands.  The slave can tend to be too talkative at times but will be quiet on your command or with a muzzle.  He responds well to be treated like a dog.  He might make someone a good pet.  This Slave can be a useful tool doing domestic chores, working as a personal butler, cooking, cleaning, and doing yard work.  It is strongly recommended that this property be kept restricted physically from escape as much as possible.  While locked in chains, this slave knows its place as property.  When free, it tends to be confused, tries to think too much on its own, and becomes an escape risk.  When not in use, this slave should be stored in a cage or locked cell in restraints to constantly reinforce its status as a prisoner and slave without rights.  The more freedom you take away from it, the better it will respond as owned property.  It is available for full ownership, or for short periods on loan. 

Hi. I am called Slave Bind. I am a man who likes to live in captivity. I made the choice to live as a prisoner and slave with no freedom or rights. Now I must live with that choice. I live my life imprisoned in chains and cages as property. I began this website while a prisoner and slave in a cage to a Sir. where ever I go, I find myself imprisoned and kept captive by men who will not allow me to be free. 

Below are three books that I would recommend that you read.

I was an escape artist who wanted to explore the concept of extreme non-sexual bondage. This website focuses on bondage and freedom of expression without prejudice. This is not a porn site. Images on this website contain only restraints and not graphic nudity or sexual acts. I promote "bondage" as something that should be accepted as normal and mainstream in society. I have experienced the ugliness and cruelty of discrimination and hope to help stop such bullies and bigots from their behaviors. We need to allow people to be unique and different, even if we think them to be strange or weird. As the Bible says, "Judge not that you will not be judged in the same way by God". Some of this website is just fun and silliness, other parts contain serious writings intended to educate. This website does contain images of extreme bondage that would be disturbing to some. If you don't like it, then you are free to go to a different website. 


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